4 thoughts on “Composition questions about sisters”

  1. Sisters are deeply affectionate and beautiful Sunday. After the sister completed her homework, she played finger games with her sister. In unintentional, my sister found that her sister's nails were dirty and long. She had a clever move and said, "Sister, your hand is not as beautiful as my sister." The sister stretched out her chubby hand and looked at it, but she didn't know her hand. Why are you not as beautiful as your sister. My sister said mysteriously: "Because your fingernails are long and dirty." "Sister, you cut me!" The sister said anxiously. My sister nodded. After a while, her sister brought a pot of clear water from the kitchen to wash her sister's little hand cleanly. She took another scissors and prepared to cut her nails for her sister. Sister was sitting in a stool, and the sister nestled her sister's fingers in her sister's arms, holding her sister's fingers, holding scissors in her right hand, and carefully cut it. Look! The scissors made together, making the sound of "click". As my sister cut carefully, she said patiently: "I need to wash my hands before and after meals, and I need to cut my nails frequently. This is not easy to get sick." The sister listened carefully and couldn't help but nodded ... After cutting the nails, my sister was holding her sister and fat. The fat little hand said, "Whose hand is not as beautiful as the sister." The sister jumped up happily and said, "Sister is so good, sister is so nice!" Her sister continued to make several finger games again

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