What is the nature of Pengdu agriculture and animal husbandry? The future performance forecast of Pengdu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry? Which industry does Pengdu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry belong to?

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  1. Due to the sustainable development of my country's economy, consumers have seen the quality of diet very seriously. For teenagers, milk is an indispensable nutritional product, and related companies have gradually received attention. What is the momentum of only stocks? It is not worth our investment. Let me analyze it in detail below.

    Bet before starting to analyze Pengdu agriculture and animal husbandry, I will sharing the list of leading stocks in the trade industry to share with everyone. The front column of the leading stock of the trade industry

    . From the perspective of the company,

    The industrial layout of the two major industries (agricultural food) and five core main business (grain trade, dairy, food distribution, beef cattle, pig). The company's main businesses are agricultural and food trade, beef cattle business, meat sheep industry and dairy industry, and the coordinated development of various sectors will make every effort to build resource integrators and value chain value -added service providers for modern agriculture around the world.

    It briefly introduced Pengdu agriculture and animal husbandry. The following analysis of Pengdu agriculture and animal husbandry is not worth investing.

    In highlights: Strong product competitiveness

    In order to achieve strategic development positioning, Pengdu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry In order to improve the speed of control over overseas green agricultural food resources, A measures for mergers and acquisitions were taken abroad. There were 16 pastures in New Zealand. At the same time, the controlling shareholder Pengxin Group's 11 pastures were also custody. From the perspective of dairy development, high -quality ranch resources will occupy the dairy industry competition competition in the dairy industry competition competition. Dominance. In addition, Pengdu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry also acquired Brazilian food traders and Cola, which has enhanced the competitiveness of Pengdu farmers and animal husbandry green agricultural food in the market.

    In highlights: Implementing the "going global" strategy, the size of the meat sheep is larger

    Tengdu agriculture and animal husbandry has long implemented the "going out" strategy to accelerate the rhythm of expansion. Anxin Animal Husbandry has a total of 160,000 high -quality lakes and sheep. It is also recognized by the industry's current domestic existence column scale, breeding technology, and leading lake and sheep breeding enterprises with a leading sheep sales price. Focus on research and development plans to participate in units and demonstration enterprises. At present, the 18 township demonstration parks in Dahua, Guangxi have invested a total of 20,666 meat sheep, while the number of meat sheeps cast 27,000 meat sheeps in Tumukuk and Bachu in Xinjiang. Due to the limited space, some risk prompts and investigation reports related to Pengdu agriculture and animal husbandry, I organized in this research report, and I can read this link: [Deep Research Report] Pengdu Agricultural Animal Husbandry Comment, Suggestion Favorites!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    It is difficult to increase the supply of fresh milk in my country at present, and it will be difficult to increase the supply of fresh milk in China. There will be a large gap in supply and demand, and it will continue. In addition, among domestic dairy cows, the proportion of high -quality varieties is very low, and there is a certain gap between the quality of milk production and the world's advanced level. It is estimated that in the future, the people of our country will be very demanding of imported dairy products.

    Is in the case of changes in the dietary structure of domestic consumers and improved diet, the domestic market has increased steadily on high -quality and cost -effective beef consumption demand. Although the price and supply of beef have maintained their growth in the past 20 years, they still cannot meet the needs of the beef consumer market in my country. Compared with the global per capita consumption level, there is still a gap between the per capita consumption of beef, and the growth space is large.

    It, the market space in my country is large, but the supply cannot keep up with the demand. However, compared with the latest situation, the article is a bit lacking in real time. If you want to figure out the future of Pengdu, farmers and animal husbandry, you may wish to open the link. Some professional people will help you look at the stock. Still underestimation: [Free] Is the measurement of Peng Du Du Du Gan and Animal Husbandry now overvalued or underestimated?

    The Answee time: 2021-11-06, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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