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  1. Are there any opportunities to be promoted to takeaway
    The opportunities for promotion to takeaway? With the support of relevant departments and the exploration of the platform, the current road to promotion of takeaway riders has been initially opened. As the overall image of takeaway riders has steadily improved, it is not unusual for undergraduates to be a takeaway rider. Is there a chance of promoting to send takeaway?
    The opportunity to send takeaway is promoted. 1 August 19, 2017, is the first day of the post -80s Shanghai people Li Wei to become takeaway riders. At that time, his parents could not understand his decision. "You are an undergraduate student of the Chinese Normal University, what kind of takeaway to send?" "You run around like this, what does it look like by the neighbors around you?" He didn't mind. He persuaded his parents in one sentence. Rider was also a profession, and he could make money by working hard.
    In four or five years in the industry, Li Wei's identity has continued to change. From the rider, the webmaster, the regional manager, to the Shanghai city manager who is now a hungry service provider, he has broke a way to promotion in an industry that seems to be ceiling.

    has gradually established a systematic professional training and guarantee plan for the development of the takeaway industry. More and more practitioners like Li Wei are not only the possibility of riding. The "2022 Blue Knight Development and Guarantee Report" released on February 14 shows that last year, 1,877 knights were promoted to webmaster and captain. According to the survey, 45%of the Cavaliers are eager to be promoted to webmaster and distribution manager, and 8%of the Cavaliers look forward to growing into the president of logistics service providers in the future.
    From riding to the city manager
    , before becoming a riding, Li Wei operated a barbecue restaurant. In order to control the cost, he also found his parents to help, but the business did not improve. In terms of, every month is equivalent to earning more people's wages.
    At that time, Li Wei's barbecue restaurant settled in the takeaway platform. Whenever riders came to pick up the goods, he would say a few words with others. "I asked them how much money they made every month. They said not much, and they were less than 10,000." One person, riding a car, and a box can make so much. This makes Li Wei very excited. So I went to the store and went to the site to apply.
    , how can it look so easy to be a rider. In the summer, cotton pants with black arms and water squeezed out of water in winter did not believe that Li Wei could persist, but he did do it.
    The first month of the rider, Li Wei set a small target for himself, earning 6,000 yuan, he did it; in the second month, he adjusted the goal to 9,000 yuan and did it; the third one; the third one; the third one; the third one; On the month, Li Wei began to have a higher goal. "Be a webmaster without running, just schedule in the office. I want to be the webmaster!" He began to observe what the webmaster was doing and how to schedule.
    The Spring Festival in 2018, because the webmaster wants to return to his hometown for the New Year, he recommends that Li Wei, who is well -known to be a temporary webmaster, is responsible for the site scheduling. After experiencing the test of the Spring Festival holiday, Li Wei's ability was discovered by the delivery manager. After the year, a new site was set up near Cao Yangbailian. Experienced Li Wei was recommended in the past, and logically became a formal webmaster.

    It grows up from the rider, Li Wei has a more "heart compared to the heart" experience. The old webmaster told him that those who won the hearts of the people had the world. In this way, Li Wei ran to the site from time to time to chat and eat, and soon became a piece with them.
    In March 2019, Li Wei was promoted to regional manager. In 2020, he was promoted to the Shanghai city manager who was hungry. He managed more than 600 riders. Go to the site to communicate with them everywhere, understand what they need, and become the habit of Li Wei to this day.
    From a rider to manager, the difficulties and pressures faced by Li Wei are different. "When I was a rider, I just need to consider myself, serve customers, and make good money, but the webmaster is different, just like the owner of a station from a single soldier."
    The road to promotion Copy
    In 2019, Li Wei, the distribution manager, participated in a random inspection of a rider dormitory. What he didn't expect was that he found a book in management in a rider's bed, and later learned that it turned out that this was also an undergraduate riding. Li Wei was curious and asked him why he wanted to do this line. Unexpectedly, the riders asked, "Why did you do it at the time? Why do I do now?" Li Wei smiled and thought about it. To this day, the rider has also been promoted to regional managers from the riders and webmaster.
    Ip in the takeaway industry, how many such "Li Wei" can be born? At least Li Wei himself felt that his experience can be copied, which has nothing to do with his education. It is only related to whether he can persist and whether he can break through the restrictions on his development.
    The "2022 Blue Knight Development and Guarantee Report" released on February 14th, a total of 1.14 million rockers in 2021 obtained a stable income by sending takeaways, which increased significantly compared with last year. Takeaway delivery is a low -threshold, large demand, and relatively guaranteed income. 7%of the Knights use it as the "first job" into the society. More than 40%of the knights want to run takeaway while looking for other other cities. Career Opportunities.
    At the same time, with the step -by -step advancement of the takeaway platform for the professional development of the rider, more and more riders have the opportunity and channels that can break through the ceiling of the industry.
    On September 29 last year, Hungry announced the launch of the "Plan", promoting positions such as the Cavaliers Opening Station, partner administrative posts, etc. to broaden their development path. In addition, he has also formulated a webmaster training system. Cavaliers who are willing to engage in distribution management can contact the webmaster and distribution manager to sign up for training courses.
    In order to enhance the professional growth of the emerging blue -collar group of the "Internet contractor", the ability model of different career development stages has been established to carry out the training of new employment skills for "network contract providers" in the country. In 2021, a total of 1,0203 Blue Cavaliers signed up for vocational training, and the Cavaliers' professional ascension channel was further opened.

    "2022 Blue Knight Development and Guarantee Report" shows that 1,877 knights were promoted last year. According to the survey, 45%of the Cavaliers are eager to be promoted to webmaster and distribution manager, and 8%of the Cavaliers look forward to growing into the president of logistics service providers in the future. In addition, you are still hungry to create a richer transfer path. Takeaway operations and merchant expansion managers are the most important positions of knights.
    The meal director Meng Quan, director of the Department of Labor Relations of the School of Labor Relations and Human Resources of the School of Labor Relations, said that although takeaway riders are a relatively high liquidity, about 40%of riders will work this job As its only source of income. The takeaway platform to establish a career development path for riders allows riders to have more, in addition to making money.
    The opportunity to send takeaway is promoted? 2 Graduated Li Wei who graduated from Shanghai prestigious university has been a takeaway rider, three years in a row, and now it has been promoted to Shanghai city manager. Very!
    "Iron Rice Bowl" was smashed. In the second spring of the cause.
    Li Wei, 41, has a bright educational background. After graduating from the information management and information system of East China Normal University, he successfully found a stable job. He originally planned to retire in the same position, but the company lay off for a disadvantage in 2016. "I got a dismissal fee and worried. There were old and young people at home. When I went out to find a job and faced the age of 35 years of age." After a month of rest, Li Wei took the accumulation of accumulation of opening it near Shanghai West Railway Station. After a barbecue restaurant, two small workers were invited. With the help of the parents, the barbecue restaurant slowly improved.

    In later, the takeaway industry gradually emerged, and there were more and more takeaway orders in barbecue restaurants. Li Wei learned from the takeaway riders that their income of running orders was not low, with an average month of monthly. With 8,000 yuan, there are a lot of income.
    "I calculated a account at the time, and the business in the store took 5 people. It was 10,000 yuan per month. However, the heart murmured, "At that time, everyone looked down on delivery. My graduate of a famous university would send takeaway, and I was afraid of being watched by a neighbor." In the end, Li Wei decided to let go to try.
    "No one was optimistic about me to takeaway, and felt that I was used to sitting in the office and couldn't afford such suffering. My old leader also gambled. If I could persist for 3 months, he would send me 3 pieces Chinese smoke. "In the question of" Are you okay "in a sentence, Li Wei started from the grass -roots takeaway rider and got 6,900 yuan in the first month, and then increased every month. king". The income has increased, and the "face problem" no longer exists.
    The takeaway is no longer a bowl of youth meal
    35 years old can still take out of takeaway. What should I do after the age of 45? Li Wei, who had more than 10,000 a month, was quite anxious about this, and gradually germinated the idea of ​​"entering the management". "I saw that the webmaster had a few thousand yuan from time to time, and the benefits were better." N, he encountered the bottleneck of professional promotion. At that time, there were not many opportunities for takeaway riders to upgrade the webmaster, not to mention the regional manager. In this regard, in addition to the daily running orders, he also learned the foundation of the basic capacity of the webmaster. During the Spring Festival in 2018, the webmaster went home on vacation. He took the initiative to take the duty business of "agent webmaster" and achieved good results. In March of the same year, a new delivery station was added, and Li Weijing recommended it to become the webmaster of the new site. "There is a personality test inside the company. My evaluation is 'big peacock tiger', which proves that the communication ability is strong and straightforward, and it is more suitable for management positions."
    Nes As a regional manager of the service provider, in 2020, he was promoted to the service provider Shanghai city manager. At present, he is responsible for the distribution business of service providers in Shanghai, and directly manages more than 20 regional managers, and his annual salary has risen to 400,000 and 500,000. According to hungry, Li Wei was promoted from the grass -roots takeaway rider to the city manager, and it has also become an idol for many takeaway riders.
    "My successful experience can be copied, and delivery should not be a bowl of youth rice." Li Wei said. Under the support of relevant departments and the exploration of the platform, the road to promotion of takeaway riders has been initially opened. "The current trend is to choose a webmaster for the riders. It can be promoted in half a year to one year. We have novice riders to welcome the training courses such as the plan 'to help the riders grow together." In the dormitory of the employee, I accidentally saw a management book on the bedside. After the inquiry, I learned that it was a undergraduate graduate to be a rider. After the key training, he became a regional manager.

    "When I first joined the industry, the takeaway rider was generally over 35 years old, with low education and earning hard money. Now the riders who are applicants are mostly 20-35 years old, basically high school education, 10 At least two interviewers are college degree or above. "Li Wei said that in Shanghai, as the overall image of the takeaway riders has steadily increased, it is not unusual for undergraduates to be takeaway rides. Some college students bluntly say that the goal is to be management. Relevant surveys show that 45%of the rider "promoted to webmaster and distribution manager" as their next development goal, and 8%of the riders looked forward to "growing into the president of logistics service provider" in the future.
    It reports that through the hungry "Plan", 475 rides have been promoted to webmaster and captain last year, and 1402 rider became the reserve webmaster and reserve captain.
    Crofting vocational training with national standards
    Meoning at the Department of Labor Relations of China Labor Relations College, Meng Quan found that takeaway distribution is a "pool" as employment of labor. 40%of the rider will send takeaway as the only source of income, and 60%of the rider engaged in part -time delivery, but the longer the employment time, the stability is also enhanced. . "
    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's" Internet Delivery Standard Standards (2021 Edition) ", which divides the occupation of the network contracting staff into five levels, clarified the work content of each level, the work content of each level, and the content of the work that needs to be grasped, and Skills requirements and related knowledge, so that network contracters have a clearer career development channel.
    The reporter learned that as a pilot enterprise unit as a professional skills level of the Internet distributor, Hungry is currently conducting new employment skills for online delivery officers in 6 cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Wuhan. Last year, 1,0203 takeaway riders signed up for vocational training. Hangzhou riders Niu Zhizhi obtained the first batch of junior online delivery providers in the country. You can enjoy the technical talent policy such as government training subsidies, Hangzhou points settlement, and personal income tax deduction. Meituan takeaway also said that it has provided the rider with 100%curriculum and training of the five -level standards for network distributors. Rider can achieve various knowledge and skills requirements through online and offline combination.

    In addition to increasing vocational training, it is urgent to reduce rider's professional damage. "Takeaway riders are facing more occupational damage such as traffic accidents. The existing commercial insurance is insufficient for protection. The introduction of occupational damage insurance is undoubtedly a major benefit. After the opinions are introduced, how to better enhance employee welfare structure also requires the attention of the whole society to pay attention to the attention of the whole society. "Mengquan said.
    Recently, the eight departments of Shanghai jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Maintaining the Rights and Interests of Labor Insurance of Workers in the New Employment", which clearly focuses on the piloting of occupational damage guarantee for the flexible employment of the Shanghai platform with relevant platform companies. Adopt the combination of government -led, informatization leadership, and social forces, establish and improve the management service specifications and operating mechanisms of occupational damage guarantee guarantee, and explore and improve the coverage group of professional damage protection.
    The opportunity to send takeaway is promoted? 3 Days a day without time, order a meal; drug grocery is in a hurry, shouting running ... almost everywhere takeaway service has become a vital social life. In some, related data show that the size of Chinese online takeaway users is close to 500 million, and the overall size of the takeaway market is nearly trillion yuan. The rider, as an indispensable part of it, took it for granted to the stage.
    In February 2020, the takeaway rider became the new occupation into the national occupation classification catalog in the name of "Internet delivery personnel". In December 2021, the "Vocational Skills Standards for Internet Deliveryers" was released, which divided the occupation of the network contracting staff into 5 levels, clarifying the work content, skills requirements and related knowledge that the levels needed to master, so that they have clearer their own own clearer, so that they have clearer their own cleansing. Occupational development channel.
    If in the relevant person in charge of the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2021, China's flexible operators have reached 200 million. Among them, about 13 million takeaway riders have accounted for nearly 1%of the national population base.
    , as the scale of this group continues to expand, its labor security issues have repeatedly triggered discussions. In the beginning of 2022, the market released a new signal.

    The algorithm "loosen"
    . Once, the concept that the takeaway platform was very proud of is "the best algorithm", that is, the shortest time for the order of ordering by algorithm, and it is continuously accepted. Time to distribute the time limit to achieve the optimization of rider's distribution efficiency.
    Cope Zhang Danyang, who has been engaged in the takeaway industry for 7 years, has personally experienced this "disappearance of time." When it was just a rider in 2015, because there was no navigation, it could only rely on people's experience. The time limit for the assessment was long. The maximum time limit for the 3 kilometers of meal delivery was 60 minutes. Later If you decrease, the requirements will become about 40-45 minutes.
    but the platform's pursuit of efficiency has not stopped. As the algorithm continues to excavate the limits of manpower, the average delivery time of take -out orders in the industry in 2019 decreased by 10 minutes from 3 years ago. This directly leads to the rider's "running against the god of death, competing with the traffic police, and making friends with red lights."
    The transformation occurred in 2020. The "Takeaway Rider" in "Character" was trapped in the system. Essence After fierce algorithm values, the algorithm was finally included in supervision.
    In July 2021, 7 departments including the State Administration of Market Supervision and other 7 departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Responsibility of Online Catering Platform to effectively safeguard the rights and interests of takeaway food delivery staff". Through the method of "algorithm", the assessment elements such as the number of orders, time rates, and online rates are reasonably determined to relax the time limit of delivery.
    The large directions are gradually clarified. Platform companies actively respond, open algorithm logic, and continuously optimize the law rules of algorithms.
    In since 2018, since the takeaway, the hungry rider Li Sen has witnessed the many adjustments of the platform rules. Among them, the most influential of the Knight estimated delivery time was adjusted from the original "time point" to elastic "time. part". "This has given us the time to deal with the emergency. For example, many riders have encountered the buyer because of the poor signal, not to mention that after the epidemic, the community needs to check the health code and health certificate. The algorithm did not consider these before. "
    Is involved special weather, Li Sen was also very sensitive. According to him, when he encounters severe weather, the platform will optimize the distribution line according to real -time meteorological data, and match the flexible distribution time, which is more reasonable than the previous "delay 10 minutes". When emergencies occur, the rider can also apply to match the flexible distribution time by manual reporting.
    In addition, the platform continues to collect feedback from riding and is committed to the humanization of rules. Li Sen made a suggestion to the issue of sending orders: "The sending orders are not distinguished, but the direction is divided. In the past, the system was a bit vulnerable. You were walking south but suddenly came to the north. There is no such phenomenon now.

    , even if the algorithm has been reforming, the rider can send takeaway more calmly. Under the "more running and more" mechanism, the risk still exists. At this time, the insurance guarantee that needs to be reliable.
    Since 2021, many departments such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the General Administration of Market Supervision have successively issued policies to urge the platform and cooperative enterprises to bear the corresponding responsibilities of the protection of the rider's rights and interests, support them to participate in social insurance, and participate in flexible employees of the platform in accordance with national regulations. Professional damage guarantee pilot. The situation begins to improve.
    Tese told the Titanium Media APP that the current platform's guarantee for riders is mainly commercial insurance. "I have not suffered much damage, so I don’t know much about it, so it is not clear."
    learned from the platform's hungry, and the customized commercial insurance enjoyed by the blue knight, covering the main the mainstay of the takeaway distribution may encounter the main thing to encounter. Risks, such as accidental death, disability, accident medical care, third -party personal casualties or compensation for direct property loss, etc., the current insurance rate is 100%. In response to special circumstances, the platform also provides special insurance protection for risks caused by the epidemic.
    In addition, the takeaway platform is also guiding and supporting the Cavaliers to participate in the corresponding social insurance according to its own situation. However, the social security mechanism of the flexible employment group has always been a complex system project. The flexibility of the existing social security system is not enough. There are also many threshold restrictions or costs in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. It requires that there are more government -enterprise cooperation in the future to explore an innovative mechanism for the flexible use of work group management and guarantee.
    The income "gravity"
    . For a long time, many people's impression of takeaway riders is that the monthly income is over 10,000. This is not a legend. When the industry was just emerging, the number of riders was insufficient. In order to seize the market, companies did not hesitate to recruit employees at high salaries, and issued dividends in the form of red envelopes, rewards, and subsidies.
    . At that time, the era was far away. In 2021, Wang Lin, deputy director of the Labor Relations Division of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, experienced the feeling of taking a takeaway brother for a day. Earn 6 yuan 6, plus timeout, 60%of them were deducted. On the same day, Wang Lin worked for 12 hours, and finally only completed 5 orders for meals. He only received 41 yuan in income, and his goal of earning 100 yuan a day was not even completed.
    The factors to exclude his "hand" as a newcomer, and the rider's delivery commission is reduced. In recent years, due to the low threshold of the industry and too many people who have been attracted, the riders no longer have a shortage, so they have lost their bargaining power. Each single commission is naturally not as good as before. It takes more than 12 hours to work every day.
    In the "2022 Blue Knight Development and Guarantee Report" recently released by Hungry, the platform exceeds 40 % of the riders, and nearly 60 % of other income rides have their own jobs and nearby. 30 % of riders engage in distribution on other platforms.

    The nearly 60 % of the rider has other income. Picture source: Hungry? "2022 Blue Knight Development and Guarantee Report"
    Whether it is the rider's income as the only income of the individual, or the rider's income is just the individual Supplementary income, their most basic expectations for this profession are stable, even high income.
    Plipping Beijing is a businessman. He operates a fruit shop with his wife. Once the shop is a rider, "the second brother listening to the security guard in Hangzhou said, he runs for takeaway in his spare time, and he makes money." Essence
    Is when you just joined in March 2016, you can earn about 10 dollars of distribution fees for delivery, and as the level increases, the unit price will be higher, which will make Song Beijing see hope for hope. Essence "In the first two or three months, the operation and route were unfamiliar. On average, it was five or six thousand yuan per month. Now it can run 70 or 80 orders per day, and earn about 5600 yuan per day."
    It is worth mentioning that after he and the second brother, the elder brother also joined the rider camp. During the six years when they were delivered to takeaway in Hangzhou, the three brothers had lived together and took care of each other. They had bought three houses in their hometown in Anhui. They also planned to save money in their hometown in this position in this post.

    The three brothers of the Song family, picture source: Hungry
    "I am going to do it for about a year or two." The problem of reduction, up to 50 or sixty orders in a day, earn about 300 or four hundred yuan; secondly, the difficulty in the bad weather that cannot be predicted will increase the difficulty of delivery.
    , although the light season and natural conditions cannot be controlled, the platform is still vigorously invested to solve the problem, thereby establishing a series of guarantee mechanisms. For example, provide subsidies for special distribution scenarios, such as severe weather, cold weather in winter, high temperature weather in summer, night, etc., and at the same time provide difficulty delivery orders, such as: excessive weight, excessive amount, excessive amount of amounts, and excessive amounts. subsidy. One running revenue with a distance of 3.8km orders from Hangzhou Blue Knights: 1.5 yuan in weather subsidies and 3 yuan for the platform reward, totaling 17.5 yuan.
    "The rider can earn 8,000 ~ 10,000 yuan per month, the webmaster's salary is basically 100,000 ~ 15,000 yuan per month, and the regional manager can get 12,000 ~ 20,000 yuan per month. Yuan, plus dividends. "Li Wei, who had entered for more than 4 years, revealed to the Titanium Media APP.
    In 2021, the per capita disposable income of residents across the country was 32,189 yuan, and the disposable income of Shanghai and Beijing residents was nearly 80,000 yuan. In contrast, the income of the riding group is still attractive -especially for many towns and rural youths, riders are still the "first job in the city" that can quickly get started.
    is just this profession after solving the problem of falling and survival, how long and where to go in the next step, becoming the source of most rider's anxiety, and an urgent issue that needs to be resolved.
    Where do the takeaway rider?
    If of the group of takeaway riders, some of the three brothers of the Song and Beijing brothers regard the riders as a transitional occupation, or even the sideline, and some people have a higher sense of recognition of this industry and prepare for a long -term riding.
    The hungry "Report" shows that this part accounts for 30 % to 40 % of the overall rider. For them, in addition to their income, they also value the development prospect of this profession.

    53%of the knights expressed their willingness to be promoted. Picture source: Hungry? "2022 Blue Knight Development and Security Report"
    "I didn't think about it for so long in this line. "Zhang Danyang said frankly that at the time, many people around him felt that the line could not be done, and he also wanted to save money first and then change his job.
    "After doing it for a few months, I found out how this line is changing our dining habits at a speed." Therefore, Zhang Danyang moved to the BOD high -end catering development department and multiple franchisees. Then, the manager of the region, became the head of Shanghai City, Shanghai City, a service provider Ziqi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2020.
    The introduction of Zhang Danyang that the promotion mechanism within the company is now relatively complete. Take the rider's promotion to the webmaster as an example. "In the early stage, according to the volume and enthusiasm of the running singles, the rider was selected for a period of time; if the data performance of the responsible site was considerable, the webmaster could participate in Get the training ticket for the written test to complete the improvement of your team's construction ability, psychological quality, and refined management capabilities, and you can be appointed as a reserve webmaster. " The Cavaliers promoted. In 2021, 1877 Knights were promoted to webmaster and captain.
    The rider as a "career", Li Wei was not supported at first. People from Shanghai, a bachelor's degree in computer information management, used to be an employee of state -owned enterprises. The family did not understand why he had to suffer.
    , on the one hand, I feel fresh, and at the same time I want to prove herself. Li Wei has been successfully transferred from 2017 to the present, and was promoted to a service provider in Shanghai City Manager in 2020. It is currently responsible for the service provider in Shanghai in Shanghai. Delivery business.

    In memories, Li Wei felt the most difficult is to promote the city manager from the regional manager. "New positions need to analyze the profit points, loss points of each site, how to coordinate the fluctuations of data sources, etc." And he has no basis for financial knowledge, "Fortunately, the platform has arranged specialized training. During that time, he invested a lot of energy to learn how to look at financial statements and personnel knowledge, and went to the Finance Department or Personnel Department from time to time for practical training.
    For Li Wei, these years are not only the improvement of positions, but also the improvement of personal abilities: from management to management of five or six hundred people, from reading not understanding reports to accounting costs, optimization management, and large volumes of volume Even if he leaves the takeaway line now, he is confident to enter any service industry such as the logistics industry, "the starting position should be managed in the middle level."
    Li Wei also mentioned that parents now support their work very much. "They look at me growing all the way, and they also see the development of this industry and the potential of the profession of riding."
    Ip As the rider's name gradually changed from "sending takeaway" to "takeaway brother" and "network contractor", the rider's career development has taken a distance on the system of systematic -to carry out "network contractor" to carry out the "network contractor" New employment skills improvement training, open direct position promotion, broadening the transfer path, in the long run, rider is "trapped in career" and is expected to break ice.
    It can be said that safety, income, and development are three mountains facing workers. Behind the hot search, the load of the rider is decreasing. Not only is the security and income guarantee being implemented. Gradually clear self -improvement and career growth, the entire industry is developing in a healthy direction.

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